One of the hardest things for our Raleigh Area Electricians to do is give a homeowner a bill just to push a button or reset a breaker. If you are experiencing loss or partial loss of power try the following before calling:

1. Try resetting the circuit breakers. Turn them off and then back on again. If they click and either turn off or move to the middle there is possibly a short somewhere. DO NOT KEEP RESETTING! Doing so may cause sparks at the short that can create a fire or cause further damage. Note: You may have more than one electrical panel and don’t forget to check outside by the electric meter, some homes have one there as well.

2. Unplug anything that may be on the circuit that is not working and then try resetting the breakers to make sure it is not an appliance causing the problem.

3. Look for Ground Fault receptacles in the garage and/or bathrooms. These receptacles are usually rectangle with a test and reset button on them. The outside outlets may also be controlled from one of these. Ground Fault outlets are very sensitive to moisture and power surges during storms and trip frequently. Often simply pressing the reset will restore power to these outlets. If the receptacle continues to trip frequently or especially during wet weather it may need to be replaced or there may be other problems, give us a call and our Raleigh area Electricians can fix it quickly for you.

4. Kitchen/Dining Room Receptacles may also be controlled by a Ground Fault Receptacle or Ground Fault Breakers. See if these are tripped before calling, however; if they trip after resetting there is a reason. Do not continue to reset it without finding the problem. Our Raleigh electricians are experts at diagnosing and correcting the type of emergency electrical service calls.

5. Partial Power Loss. If half the power is out in the house check to see if the electric range, Heat/AC or electric dryer are still working. (make sure the dryer heats and not just turns) If they are not working properly there may be a problem with the power entering the home. This could be a utility problem or yours. It is a good practice to see if the utility is having problems before calling us. In most cases they do not charge to check their wiring to the home. If they say that the problem is inside the home, then give us a call. Remember your Raleigh area electrician will not charge extra for emergency electrical problems.

6. Maximize your investment. A good portion of any service call fee covers travel time to and from the job plus fuel and vehicle costs. Especially in the Raleigh area where it could take 40 minutes or more to travel from one end of town to the other, a contractor has to somehow cover those costs. If you bundle as many projects together at the same time, your electrician could do those additional jobs for a lot less money than doing them at separate times. Whether you live in Raleigh, Cary, Garner or Wake forest, Even if you have an unexpected electrical emergency service call, see if there is anything else you may want done while we are there. Replacing/Installing ceiling Fans, lights, flood bulbs, motion sensors are all things that can often be done at the same time at a reduced rate.

If you live in the Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Knightdale, Garner or Clayton Areas or beyond and are not sure if there is anything else our Raleigh area electricians can do for you? Give us a call at 919-859-9588 and we will do our best to help you!

Note: If these tips saved you money by not having us come out, how about letting us know? We like to help people and would appreciate it of you told us how. Just drop us a line on the contact us page or let us know on FaceBook. Thanks!