You Changed Your Clocks Now, Change Your Batteries

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Daylight saving time came to an end recently (Sunday, November 4th at 2am). While some devices like our computers and phones will automatically adjust for the time change, things like our ovens and microwaves will not. While you are setting the time on other devices do not forget to CHANGE THE BATTERIES IN YOUR SMOKE DETECTORS! As the saying goes, change your clocks, change your batteries. Studies show that only 57% of Americans have changed the batteries in their smoke alarms in the last six months. Safety experts recommend changing the battery in your smoke detector every time you change your clocks. Which is twice a year to adjust for Daylight savings time.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Lift, twist, or remove the cover. (In some cases, the whole alarm will come off from a base.)
2. Replace the battery with a brand-new one. Most devices use 9-volt batteries.
3. Close and snap the detector back into place.
4. Press the test button to make sure it’s working. You should hear a beep or chirp sound.

You will also want to check for a date on the smoke alarm. Modern alarms will have a date printed or written on them. The date is usually the day it was installed or the expiration date. Smoke alarms are generally good for up 10 years after which they need to be replaced. You now have an option of buying the lithium powered smoke detectors that you do not have to replace the batteries in for 10 years. After 10 years these should also be replacedsmoke alarm install raleigh. Even if your smoke alarm is hard wired into your home or business it is still important to change the batteries.  A fire can occur while power is out  leaving you unaware of smoke.

The National Fire Protection Association suggests having a smoke alarm installed in all bedrooms, outside of all sleeping areas and on every level of your home. Early detection of a fire or smoke is crucial to getting out of the home before it’s too late. The safety organization UL suggests the average time you have to escape from a house fire is 3 minutes. While you’re checking your smoke alarms and replacing batteries make sure to do the same for carbon monoxide detectors. They also need to be changed every 10 years and battery replacement twice a year. The winter months can be hazardous for electrical fires, with people using space heaters, cooking during the holidays, snow storms knocking down power lines. There is so many hazards and it’s best to be prepared.  If you need to replace your hard wired smoke alarms or would like to have them inspected for safety please give us a call! 919-858-9588 They need to be replaced by a licensed electrician.  Have a safe and wonderful winter and we look forward to serving you.