“The bitterness of experiencing poor workmanship will always cause one to forget the sweetness of a low price.”

From Bob’s Desk

Dear Future Customer,

Especially in today’s tough economy, you probably want to get the best electrical work at the lowest possible price and I don’t blame you. However, what I have found out in my 50 plus years on this planet is that the two rarely go together.  As a matter of fact, the lowest price may not always be the best or safest decision, especially when it concerns your electrical system. I say this not simply because I am an electrical contractor trying to earn a living; I am saying this because I AM an electrical contractor and have seen first hand the dangerous kind of work that is often done by those that offer the cheapest price.

By developing a business model that is is second to none, I am able to give customers  the best possible service along with the highest quality workmanship at very competitive rates.

I hope you’ll give us a chance to prove it to you!

Keeping your lights on

Bob Wagner – Owner

Using over 30 years of experience we have been able to create a unique pricing format that enables our electricians to give our Raleigh area customers the highest quality and best possible service at a fair price.

The Benefits of Express Pricing

How Express Pricing Works

  1. The customer calls and tells us what they need and when they would like the work done.
  2. Using our 30 plus years of experience we give you a not to exceed price over the phone
  3. If you agree to the phone estimate we will schedule an appointment for a technician to confirm the price and do the work.
  4. The technician will confirm the not-to-exceed price or adjust it in the event they find something to be different than discussed.
  5. Once approved, the technician will start the work immediately.

These steps allow us to keep our overhead low by not employing a full time estimator and the Express Pricing Structure that we have developed enables us to give our Raleigh area customers the quality work they deserve at a fair and reasonable price.


Do you ever go to the home or business to give free estimates?

YES WE DO! At Express Electrical Service we do not believe in charging our customers a fee just to tell them what we are going to charge them.  However, in order to hold our prices down AND give our Raleigh area customers the kind of service they deserve; rather than employing an estimator, our technicians use a proven pricing method to price the job when they are ready to do the job. With that said: If for some reason your work is unique and requires and onsite visit to price, we will do so and not charge you for the estimate.

What if the technician does the work in less time than they figured?

Even though most of our pricing is fairly accurate, if we over estimated or if things go smooth and our Raleigh area electrician gets the job done faster than anticipated, you will get charged less. It really is as simple as that. We want our customers for life, not just one job and to make a little extra profit by overcharging you just isn’t worth it to us.

Still not sure? We will be glad to address any concerns you may have.

Give us a call at 919-859-9588