Become a Express Super Tech!

Our business model allows qualified technicians to become as close to being self employed as they can get without having to deal with the back-end work. Control your own schedule, build your own team and earn an income and benefits that are usually only seen by business owners.  If have been looking for a place to put your skills to work for YOU and be compensated accordingly, you have come to the right place. Send us your resume and let’s talk!

One of Bob’s motto’s is “We work to live, we do not live to work!”

Whether you have dreams of building your own team or just want to swap your skills for a great wage and benefits, Express Electrical Service is always looking for the areas top talent. Contact us today to see what it takes to become a part of our team.

  • One of the area’s highest paying contractors
  • 3+ weeks of Paid Vacations
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Sick Days
  • Health Insurance Premium assistance
  • Supplemental Insurance
  • Review Bonuses
  • Tool Replacement Program
  • Take home vehicle
  • Residual Income as long as you are employed with us. (earn an income whether you do the work or not!)
  • Control your own schedule
  • Express Success Training


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