While we will not be working during the storm, please know that our staff will be on-call to help anyone with electrical needs get their power restored quickly.

PLEASE NOTE: We will NOT increase our prices in order to profit on someone’s misfortune and it bothers me to the core when I hear of contractors being so immoral.

If you need power restored call our office now at 919-859-9588, if you get our answering service please be patient a technician will return your call shortly. In the event we were not able to give you the means to hook your generator up to your panel because of the lack of time or equipment, please drop us a line and we will put you on a list to make sure it is done before the next event. I will be negotiating with suppliers next week so I can offer special pricing for our clients.

Be safe and don’t take any chances.

Bob Wagner (Owner – Express Electrical Services LLC)