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home generator raleigh, generator raleigh, generator cary, generator apex, whole house generator chapel hill, backup generator raleigh, backup generator caryExpress Electric offers generator parts, repairs and sales to help ensure that you are never without reliable power. If you are looking to purchase a generator our experts can determine the right one for you. Whether you want to power your entire home or just individual components. We got the right generator and expert knowledge for every situation.

Express Electrical Service provides the following services to help you install a generator for your home:

  • 100% Financing and No Interest For Qualified Buyers!
  • Listen to customer needs and wants
  • Calculate the load to determine the proper size generator
  • Explain the different options of generator back-up systems available
  • Fill out and submit City and County permit applications
  • Explain the entire procedure to the owner before beginning work and throughout the installation process.
  • Meet with Inspectors and FP&L representatives
  • Warranty on all work performed

Using a licensed and insured electrician for your generator installation will ensure:

  • All work completed will meet the city, county, and state codes
  • Provide assurance that any future insurance claims will not be denied because all electrical work is performed under code requirements and by a licensed, insured electrician

We offer complete financing! No interest for qualified buyers. Get approval in minutes. Click here to get started.

We offer an annual Membership Program which would ensure that any time you need an electrician, Express Electrical Services will be available to you, will waive dispatch fees, and provides many additional benefits.

Using Express Electrical Services’s licensed and insured electricians for all of your electrical needs will provide safety, security, and peace of mind from a job done RIGHT the FIRST time!

Already have a Generator? Consider a Interlock Kit or Transfer Switch!
If you have a generator we recommend adding a interlock kit or transfer switch. Both setups allow you to attach a portable generator to your homes breaker panel so you can control items in the home without having to run drop chords. A generator interlock kit (or just interlock kit) is a device designed to allow safe backfeeding of a home through a portable generator during power outages. An interlock kit requires a human to operate it and generally is a cheaper solution than installing a transfer switch. A transfer switch can be (and usually is) automatic. However, the cost of installation is usually more.

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