parking lot lighting raleigh, parking-lot-lighting, outdoor-lighting-repair-raleigh, outdoor lighting repair chapel hillExpress Electric Service has the expertise and capability to repair all types of parking lot lighting. Our qualified and experienced electricians can troubleshoot and repair all lighting fixtures including HID and fluorescent lamps. We have our own bucket trucks, so we can respond fast to any call. We also install LED style fixtures. Ask us about a complete retrofit and the tax credits available.

We carry a large inventory of lamps, ballast and sockets and can repair most any fixture on site. We have suppliers and vendors that can get the hard to find items quickly so you can get the lights back on. From parking lot poles to wall mounted fixtures we can service and repair any elevated lighting fixture.

LED Lighting and Replacement

You can save thousands, first year!

Parking lots, exterior building perimeter lights, and parking garages offer some of the very best opportunities for LED energy efficient lighting retrofits or new poles and fixtures.

If you are currently lighting a parking lot, the perimeter of a building, or a parking garage with anything but LED’s you are throwing money away every day!

Paybacks for upgrading old lighting systems to a new energy efficient LED system are always measured in months! If replaced you will start saving immediately.

Energy And Cost Savings

LED fixtures reduce energy consumption by more than 65%. On average, an LED’s lifespan is five to ten times that of an HID lamp. You will save energy and maintenance dollars and your lot or garage will be brighter and safer. Retrofits deliver big energy savings right away along with significant long-term maintenance savings.

Improved Lighting Quality

We begin every commercial lighting retrofit with a lighting survey – making sure that each area of your facility is matched with appropriate illumination. LED fixtures are designed specifically for each application, render colors naturally and distribute illumination more evenly than HID fixtures. When the project is complete your site will be brighter and SAFER. And while an HID lamp’s lumen output can fall off by more than 50% during its lifespan, LED fixtures maintain over 95% of their illumination power throughout their entire life.

Did you know?

  • Lighting can account for over 65% of your energy usage.
  • Some lighting retrofit projects break even in less than a year!
  • LED tax credits available. Ask us how.

 A recent 2016 study on a 28 light pole shopping center determined LED lighting saved the property owners over $15,000 in the first year! 
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